Protect your plants from aphid attack

One of the biggest pests in the garden is aphids. Get rid of these pesky bugs and reclaim the green of your plants.

What are aphids?

Aphids or aphids are herbivorous insects that feed by sucking the juices from the leaves and stems of the plant. They carry diseases and when feeding, they defecate a sugary liquid (molasses), giving the plant a sticky appearance and a source of diseases and viruses. As a result, the plant becomes very weak and can die.

Recognizing Aphids

This insect usually appears green, although it is common to see them, depending on the species, in black, yellow, purple, red and white. You can recognize them by their pear-shaped body and by two horns that stick out black at the end of the body.

Plants that are prone to aphids

The aphid is a madness in almost all the plants of the garden, since it attacks all in its weakest points that are the new stems or the new leaves. A healthy plant will be more difficult to attack, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Natural protection against aphids

Aphids hate the smell of garlic, so plant some garlic among your favorite plants to scare them off and prevent them from establishing a colony. Another ally are the famous ladybugs, they are a very useful tool, since they are the natural enemy of the aphid. Nowadays you can order ladybug larvae on the Internet.

And beware of ants! … they love the sweet taste that aphids expel, so they will defend the aphids, their food source, from any enemy by making the aphid colony grow at a very high rate.

Aphid control

An easy way to avoid aphids is to spray the plants occasionally with cold water. Aphids hate the cold, and they don’t spread this way. Spraying with an infusion of nettle should also ensure that the aphids are expelled. If all this does not work you decide to switch to a natural chemical or pesticide.

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