Most common pests in your urban garden

Having an urban garden has many benefits and can bring you great satisfaction. However, you may also have to deal with annoying problems, some of which are common to all gardens.

At this time of year, with the highest temperatures, the most aggressive insects can attack our plants.

One of the most common insects to visit on plants is the famous aphid. But there are also other parasites, fungi and bacteria that can ruin our crops.

Let’s look at those most common in urban gardens and all sorts of orchards.

Insects and parasites

As we have already said, the aphid is one of the insects that most frequently visits the orchards. This annoying parasite punctures the leaves and stems of plants to absorb their sap. Since aphids secrete a sugary substance that ants like very much, if in your plantation you find the continuous visit of ants, it is possible that your plants have been attacked by the aphid.

As a natural method to invite the aphid to leave, we can talk about the swab. It is a plant that gives off an odor that is repugnant to aphids. You can also “hire” the infallible ladybugs, which love aphids and can feast on them in your garden.

Another common garden parasite is the famous white fly, which they place on the underside of leaves and turn them yellow.

To scare off the white fly you can plant plants that scare it off by their smell, such as rosemary or basil. If you don’t have a large invasion of whiteflies, you can try to eliminate them naturally.

Common diseases

Other common plant diseases are those caused by fungi and bacteria.

Among the most common fungi is powdery mildew, which covers the leaves with a layer like dust or cotton, especially the leaves of vegetables. You will have to remove the affected leaves so that they do not spread to other plants and try to keep the garden clean and airy, as dense foliage that is too wet can lead to the appearance of this fungus.

You can also find the leaves covered with a blacker layer, due to the appearance of another type of fungus, which can be caused by the sugary substance secreted by the aphid. This fungus is known as bollworthy and to eliminate it you will have to finish first with the aphid or white fly plague that has attacked your plants.

As for the most common bacteria that affect crops, they are those that appear due to an excess of humidity.

To avoid this, you will have to observe your garden and control the watering. In some cases, you may have to relocate the affected plant so that it does not spread to others.

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