La Roya, a fungus that attacks our plants

You’ve probably seen reddish-yellow spots on the leaves of plants in your garden more than once, and you probably want to know how to avoid them. Let’s get to know this problem.

These spots are produced by a fungus commonly called Rust, which includes several different species. These fungi produce spores that are dispersed by the wind and adhere to materials in their path, including plants. These fungi mainly affect the leaves of trees and shrubs, although they can also attack herbaceous plants.

The reddish spots that we locate on the underside of the leaves are the spores of the fungus, which accumulate and grow. Their growth is propelled by environmental moisture, therefore an excess of it, can facilitate the settlement of the rust.

To avoid this fungus it is important to ventilate well the places where we have plants (if they are indoors), thus avoiding the accumulation of environmental humidity. It is also important not to over-water our plants and not to crowd the plants together too much, with the same purpose of avoiding excess humidity.

Once the leaves and stems are infected, it is better to pull them out and burn them, so that the fungus does not continue to develop and avoid the possibility of it spreading in our field. Another natural remedy is the application in the form of irrigation of horsetail in infusion, which affects the fungus negatively, and although the affected leaves can not be revitalized, it prevents its spread to the rest of the plant and the field. Of course, specialized fungicides can also be found on the market.

Have you ever come across this problem or a similar one and don’t know how to combat it? Contact us and revitalize your orchard and garden in a natural way.

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