How to fight thrips in the garden

Thrips are tiny insects of the order Thysanoptera. They are between 1 and 5 millimetres long, elongated, cylindrical and dark in colour. Thousands of different species of thrips are known, many of which are crop pests.

They are usually located on the underside of leaves, feeding on plant sap. They steal water and nutrients from the plants and can therefore weaken the crop. In addition, they feed on flowers and tender shoots so they do not allow the plant to develop. However, the main problem with this insect is its ability to carry a high diversity of viruses and diseases.

Thrips are biomarkers, their presence indicates problems of the plants produced by lack or excess of irrigation, excess of nitrogen, and lack or excess of sun. The first step in combating thrips is to identify a bad agricultural practice that is being carried out.

For a crop to grow healthily, it must be available in a suitable climate, adhere to the recommended planting schedules for the species, and be properly fertilized and watered. In addition, so that the parasites do not affect the crops, it is good to increase the biodiversity of our orchard, thus preventing the development of pests and increasing the variety of insects beneficial to the crop.

With regard to thrips, their population can be regulated by the presence of ladybirds and lacewings. However, if problems occur, they can be treated in several ways:

  1. Remove the thrips manually. Harmless technique that does not harm the crop.
  1. Potassium soap. It helps to soften the exoskeleton of the insects, and they end up dying. It is a harmless product for human health.
  1. Garlic is also an effective home solution, crushed and diluted in water, it is applied to the whole plant, being a good defense against all types of insects and fungi.

Thrips by themselves are not harmful, but it is important to maintain the balance of nature so as not to have pest problems. Take care of the environment from your garden care. Thank you very much!

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