10 tricks to prevent pests and diseases on our plants

The plagues and diseases in our plants as soon as they appear are a hard headache, to prevent this problem the best thing will be to follow these advices, that sure prevent us of some disgust.

  1. When we go to our nearest centre to buy our garden plants, we must make sure that they are in good condition, that there are no apparent signs of disease and above all that there are no insects in their leaves. We must never take those that are in bad condition, even though we believe that we are going to improve them when they are at home, we must not be kind to them, because the plant may be in this way because of a virus.
  1. Take care that the plant has a good development, well bred, with strong roots, but not crowded, with vigorous stems, without cuts or breaks. That is to say that they are of good quality.
  1. Choose plants adapted to your climate, don’t try to put tropical plants in, as they will be weaker and more prone to disease as they are not well adapted and can infect others.
  1. Choose native plants to a greater extent, these are better adapted to the pests that are in your area, as they have developed defense mechanisms against the pests that are in your area and it is also the ideal climate for allied insects that feed on the pests of your plants.
  1. Also, know your type of soil, because if your soil is very clayey a plant, even though it is native, may not develop well because it is suited to sandy soils.
  1. Try to prevent the grass from growing as much as possible, replace it with gravel or choose a lawn that is suitable for your area, since there are lawns for shade, for humid and dry climates, among others. A lawn that does not prosper well is a source of a thousand diseases and parasites.
  1. Do not plant too thickly, as this makes the plants compete for light and the elements and weaken them by fighting to continue with their vital functions, making them more vulnerable, due to poor growth.
  1. Control watering, an excess or a lack can lead to diseases, virus or serious plant pathologies.
  1. Do not wet the plants because you favor the appearance of fungi and keep the drippers away from the plants’ trunks, because it can be a perfect home for bacteria and fungi.
  1. When a plant dies for no apparent reason, avoid planting a plant in the same place until some time has passed, as there will surely still be bacteria left in it that will immediately attack the new specimen.

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